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Volume 4 (2018)

Current Issue

Note: Few Research articles under progress, we will update soon..

Occurrence and prevalence of Metazoan Parasites in farmed Nile tilapia (Oreochromusniloticus) and Commoncarp (Cyprinuscarpio) in Sebeta fish farm, Sebeta, Ethiopia
Marshet Adugna Mitiku*

Issue 1

Efficacy of Therapeutic Extruded Snack Food Consumption on Glycemic Response in Type-2 Diabetic Patients
Poshadri. A1*, Dr. P. Ramesh2, Dr. S. Srinu Naik3, hanindra. P4

Study on the quality parameters and the knowledge of producers on honey adulteration in selected districts of Arsi Zone
Mulualem Ambaw 1, Teklemedhin Teklehaimanot2

Volume 3 (2017)

Issue 2

Impact of Nitrogen Fertilizer on Growth and Yield of Durum Wheat (Triticum Turgidum L) at Butajira Ethiopia
Wubshet Teshome 1, TenawWorkayehu2

Seed Storage behavior of wild and cultivated enset (Enset Ventricosum) and conservation opportunity
Seblework Belaineh

Storage behavior study on ground nut (Arachis hypogaea L,)
Seblework Belaineh

Change in Live body weight, carcass and non-carcass characteristics of western highland goats managed under different feeding diets
Chala Merera* and J. Rama Prasad

Meat pH and color of Western Highland goats managed under different feeding diets
Chala Merera*and J.Rama Prasad

Review on Impact of Climate Change on the Epidemiology of Livestock Infectious Disease and Future Implications
Negus Belayneha, WuduTemesgenb

Advanced Technology in line of climate change mitigation
Gemeda Terfassa Fida

Determinants Of Farmers’ Willingness To Participatein Soil And Watershed Conservation Practice: The Case Of Indris Major Watershed Tokke Kutaye Woreda; Oromia Regional State
Haile Tamiru Urgessa

Issue 1

Effect of Compost on Agronomic Treat of Durum Wheat (Triticum Durum Turgidum L.) at Meskan Woreda, SNNPR, Ethiopia
Wubshet Teshome and Tenaw Workayehu

Assessment of Cereal Crops (Teff, Wheat and Barley) Market Constraints in Dandi,Ambo and TokeKutaye Districts of Oromia Region, Ethiopia.
Jifara Teshale and Amsalu Solomon

Sero-prevalence of Newcastle disease in scavenging chicken in selected districts of arsi zone, Ethiopia
Mulualem Ambaw Endalew

Volume 2 (2016)

Issue 2

Fish Market Supply Analysis the case of Fincha Amarti Nashe Reservoir in HoroWoreda, Oromia, Ethiopia
Bikila Keno and Amanuel Zewdie

Influence of Row Spacing, Nitrogen and Phosphorus fertilizers on Yield and Economics of Tef (Eragrostis Tef)
Kumela Bodena Jabesa and Thomas Abraham

Factors Influencing Smallholder Farmers’ Decision to Improve Their Farming Practices: A Case of Nyanza Province
Ochola Washington Adede, Samson Maobe and Evans Basweti

Volume 1 (2015)

Issue 1

Review on Bovine Mastitis and Its Economic Importance
Addisu Gebru and Addis Getu

A Review Work on Breed Types and Breeding Strategies of Sheep Production systems in Ethiopia
Addis Getu, Adina Kefale, Jemberu Arega

The Status of Estrus Synchronization and Conception Rate in Ethiopian Cattle Breed
Kefyalew Alemayehu, Addis Getu

Assessment of chickpea losses at different pre-harvest and post-harvest chains in Dandi woreda and Ambo woreda of Oromia region
Jifara Teshale

Dry Roasting and Extrusion Technology for Enhancing Nutrient Utilization of Starch/Protein Rich Foods/Feeds-A Review
Rama Prasad J,Suhas Souri J,Vani Y K, Ponguru C S Reddy and Chala Merera Erge